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A cabinet is a cabinet is a cabinet. Right? Of course not! There are so many varieties of cabinet available these days, so you’re bound to find one that matches your unique personality and style. At Cabinets 46, we have three primary styles that look great in any home and that align with what you’re looking for. Just for fun, we gave each style a personality profile! Do you fit the mold?

Style #1: Shaker

If you’re looking for something less decorative without compromising traditional elements, one of our shaker styles is for you. With a sleek and simple design, shakers are ideal for people who find beauty in minimalistic, clean decor. Our shaker cabinets have six different options. Consider the honey brown, chestnut brown, or black coffee maple designs for a classic, wooden look. Our choco gray shaker is a bit more modern but still has the wooden flair. Wood not your thing? We offer shakers with a more polished feel in white and grey.

Shaker Personality Profile

Age: late 20s to early 30s
Industry: digital, marketing, startup, or creative
Mantra: Adulting is hard.

Style #2: Country

Our country cabinets feel like childhood and home. One look at these cabinets and you can almost hear the sounds of little feet running through kitchen accompanied by soft laughter and lots of love. Offered in classic white and mahogany maple, the craftsmanship of our country style cabinets are great for families and people who value a bit more ornamentation than the shaker designs offer.

Country Personality Profile

Age: 40s and older
Industry: teacher, non-profit organization, or retired
Mantra: Family is everything.

Style #3: Contemporary

Contemporary cabinets are where our shaker and country styles meet in the middle. With its greige gray color, our contemporary cabinets offer the simple, refined approach of shakers with just enough country ornamentation to give your kitchen the right touch of elegance.

Contemporary Personality Profile

Age: 30s
Industry: established blogger, author, or other editorial profession
Mantra: Confidence is key.

Whether you prefer the essential feel of the shaker, enjoy the family vibes of our country style, or resonate with the upscale treatment the contemporary style offers, we’re excited to help you decide which one is best for your kitchen or bathroom in your home or office. We serve the interests of builders, developers, remodelers, and do-it-yourselfers and guarantee low prices for high-quality cabinets. Learn more about how we can help at cabinets46.com.